Workers Compensation Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Houston, Texas

If you are injured at work, it is important to take steps to protect yourself right away. Many work-related injuries and illnesses seem simple at first, but then worsen over time. Texas workers compensation laws are complicated, but Roberts Markland, LLP, has the experience to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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Understanding Workers Compensation Benefits

The most important thing to understand about workers compensation benefits is that Texas is the only state in the union that does not make them mandatory (except for public employers and private companies that enter into government contracts). Most large employers voluntarily provide workers compensation, but not all. Our first step is to determine whether your employer has opted in to providing benefits.

If your employer provides workers compensation, those benefits are your exclusive remedy. You may not sue your employer or the employer of a loved one who lost his or her life at work. There are four types of workers compensation benefits:

Income benefits: These benefits replace part of the wages lost due a work-related injury or illness, and also provide compensation for permanent impairment. The four types of income benefits are temporary income, impairment income, supplemental income, and lifetime income. There are specific tests that must be met to receive each type of income benefits.

Medical benefits: These benefits pay for reasonable and necessary medical treatment related to the specific injury or illness. They are paid directly to health providers, not to the injured or ill employee. The worker must choose a treating doctor from a list approved by the Workers Compensation Commission, and that doctor will serve as gatekeeper for all related medical care.

Death benefits: If an eligible worker is killed on the job, these benefits replace a portion of the lost family income.

Burial benefits: If an eligible worker is killed on the job, these benefits pay some of his or her funeral expenses.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Texas workers compensation laws include a concept known as Maximum Medical Improvement. This is the date that is the earlier of: The time the illness or injury is healed as much as it is medically expected to, OR 104 days weeks from the date the worker became eligible for benefits. On this date, an impairment rating is determined, and the type and amount of benefits may change. Medical providers may request an extension of this date under certain limited conditions.

Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

Selecting a workers comp attorney is a highly personal decision, and we encourage you to ask lots of questions. When interviewing prospective attorneys, always follow these steps:

  • Request a free initial consultation

  • Ask for references

  • Discuss the retainer agreement

  • Scrutinize the lawyer’s demeanor, listening skills, and sense of authority

  • Talk to the office staff to get an overall feel for the practice

  • Ask how long the attorney has been in business and what portion of his or her practice is devoted to workers compensation

  • Find out the attorney’s success rate 

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