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Houston personal injury law firm Roberts Markland, LLP specializes in helping those who have been hurt or suffered a catastrophic injury.  For over three decades, we have successfully helped our clients recover millions of dollars from a wide range of cases including maritime (Jones Act) injuries, work-related accidents, auto accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, and other situations where compensation was in order.   We are proud of the many victories we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients and the difference it has made in their lives.

 What makes us different?  Simple: Experience and Compassion.

 Our reputation has been earned through trust, dedication to our clients’ needs, and expertise both in and out of the courtroom.  Roberts Markland, LLP is unique among other firms with over three decades of real trial experience. We have an extensive track record of success in a wide range of cases. We give you our personal attention and are ready to hear your side.  Please contact us for your free consultation and case review.

 Because we know accidents don’t always happen between 9 to 5, we are available 24/7, including holidays.


Over the course of our careers, we've practiced multiple areas of law including Personal Injury and Business Litigation. 


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 Trial Experience 


Unlike many lawyers who are only equipped to pursue settlements, the attorneys at Roberts Markland have trial experience. Other Attorney's know when they're dealing with a lawyer who isn't prepared for trial and  it can negatively affect settlement payments. 




We've worked with everything from large fortune 500 companies to private citizens and we treat every client with the respect and compassion they deserve.  


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