Concussion Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney: Why And How To Hire One

Head injuries are nothing to joke around about. Even minor head injuries can cause an impact on the brain. And if brain function is impaired in any way, the effects on our quality of life can be greatly compromised. 

A concussion is a kind of traumatic head injury that has the potential to have long-term effects on the brain. You're likely familiar with the injury from watching sports. Many players get concussions due to the intense physical challenges. 

If you've experienced a concussion as the result of someone else's negligence, you may have the ground for a serious lawsuit. Brain injuries can be quite dangerous and quite expensive to manage. 

If you're struggling with such an injury, it's essential that you speak to a concussion attorney so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Read on for more about what services such an attorney can offer. 

What Is a Concussion? 

Many people injured in accidents don't even realize it. Concussions can vary in severity but all can have a serious impact on the functions of the brain. 

It can take weeks for the symptoms of a concussion to truly arise.

These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety. Rapid emotional changes or intense sensitivity to light or smell are also common signs of a concussion. 

The severity of these concussions will vary depending on a wide swath of factors. They include medical history and the nature of the accident. Car accidents are a common cause of concussions, as are sporting injuries.

Post-concussion symptoms are the same symptoms as a concussion but persist for weeks or months following the incident. Symptoms of a concussion, if untreated, could last as long as a year. That's why it's so essential to contact both a doctor and attorney immediately following an accident. 

A Legal Concussion Case

If an individual has received a concussion as the result of another's negligence, they may have grounds for a lawsuit. 

A concussion is a serious medical condition. The plaintiff will have grounds to sue for a variety of losses. These include pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of work, and emotional distress. 

If the defendant is found guilty, their insurance will be required to pay for these damages. If the defendant has no insurance, they will be liable for the costs themselves. 

A concussion attorney can ensure that the client receives the compensation they deserve for their injury. They can fight back against insurance company lawyers and push for justice in terms of the amount of money offered. 

To be successful in a concussion injury case, the plaintiff will have to prove that 1) they suffered from a concussion, and 2) this injury was a result of negligent behavior by the defendant. 

The evidence of a concussion is hard to prove. Unlike a broken bone, there is no physical entity to point to as a sign of damage. That's why it is so essential to have an experienced attorney by your side when facing such a case. 

They will be familiar with what level of evidence will be required to win your case. 

Proving Your Case

Most insurance companies will put up a difficult fight when it comes to winning a concussion case. Since most symptoms of a concussion are hard to quantify, these companies know they have a better chance of winning such a case. 

Proof Of Injury

They may even insist that you receive a checkup from a doctor that is retained by them. You can bet your money that this doctor might not agree with your own doctor's diagnosis. 

That's why it's essential to visit a medical professional as soon as you can following an accident. Seeing a second medical professional can only strengthen your case. The more you have in writing from a doctor when you enter the courtroom, the better. 

Your concussion attorney will make sure you have the proper paperwork and a strong case when it comes to your medical documentation. You'll also need to provide proof of the various damages you are suing for. These can include medical bills or evidence of lost wages if you had to stay home for work. 

Most difficult, you will need to find ways to quantify the pain you experienced as a result of your concussion. Your ability to properly answer and provide evidence on these matters will determine the amount of compensation you can receive. 

Your concussion attorney can help ensure that your evidence is sound and your set up to receive the proper compensation that you deserve. 

Proving Negligent Behavior

Your attorney will also need to investigate the accident in question and be able to prove that the defendant was negligent in their behavior or actions.  In the situation of a car accident, for example, they would need a police report that indicates the accident was the result of the other driver's error. 

With evidence of your injury, your losses, and the fault of the other in hand, there's no reason that you can't win your case. The compensation you deserve can be yours with proper preparation and the help of a legal professional. 

Hiring a Concussion Attorney for Your Case

A concussion attorney can make the difference between a winning case and a losing one. If you've been recently injured in an accident, it's essential that you call legal help to win your case. 

If you've recently struggled with a concussion injury, reach out to us for assistance. We can help ensure you get the justice you deserve. 

Jake Steven