$15m Patent Infringement Victory For Houston Based Enventure Global Technology


HOUSTON, TX – Houston oil and gas services company Mohawk Energy was permanently enjoined from selling its Patch Products, a product accounting for virtually all of Mohawk’s sales, because its products infringed on Enventure Global Technology, Inc.’s patented technology. Enventure, a joint venture between Shell Oil Company and Halliburton, is a Houston-based company recognized throughout the oil and gas industry as the world’s leading provider of expandable wellbore solutions for deep-water well projects. Read the Final Judgment here.

After a two-week bench trial, Federal District Court Judge Vanessa Gilmore issued a scathing 213 page opinion that concluded that Mohawk “willfully” infringed on Enventure’s patented technology. Due to the finding of willful infringement, the Court enhanced Enventure’s compensatory damages by 50% -- from $6.5 million to $9.34 million. Judge Gilmore also awarded Enventure’s attorney’s fees of $5.7 million. The final judgment also includes Enventure’s court costs and interest on its lost profits for 6 years. The court also dismissed Mohawk’s $180 million anti-trust counterclaim calling it ‘legally baseless’.

Enventure was formed to develop expandable pipeline to access deep-water wells in difficult locations.. It was formed to develop expandable pipeline to access deep-water wells in difficult locations. The company is the pioneer of expandable technology and has a 55% share of the expandable pipeline market. Enventure’s patents are enforceable through the year 2023. "This ruling confirms the strength of Enventure Global Technology's IP, and the steps we will take to defend and enforce our IP portfolio," said Alastair McClean, Enventure's President & CEO.

Lead Trial Attorney Sean Roberts Addresses The Court

Lead Trial Attorney Sean Roberts Addresses The Court

“With the recent changes in the patent laws, it is good for Houston companies to know their hard work, trade secrets and valid patents will be honored by the courts of this state. As the oil and gas capital of the world, companies trying to steal the hard work, expensive research and development of Houston oil and gas companies will be held responsible and accountable. The judgment is a victory for Houston business,” said Sean Roberts, Roberts Markland LLP, Enventure’s trial counsel. Over the past decade the U.S. averaged just over 1000 patent lawsuits a year until the recent 2017 Supreme Court ruling that plaintiffs would have to file their lawsuits where the defendant resides. Many experts say this was a win for defendants requiring plaintiffs to prove infringement in the defendants’ back yard as opposed to friendlier venues. Since the change in the venue rules, there has been less than 300 patent lawsuits filed and less than half have resulted in judgments in favor of the plaintiff.

Mohawk has indicated plans to appeal the trial court judgment.